Spital Chantry Trust of St Edmund

The Trust is the owner of the Chantry Chapel of St Edmund, which was re-founded in 1397 by Thomas de Aston following earlier foundations going back to a Templar foundation in the twelfth century.  The 1397 foundation was to serve two purposes:

A perpetual chantry for prayers for the soul of Thomas de Aston and a number of individuals, royal and otherwise, that de Aston had encountered in his life;

An almshouse for the support of seven sick, elderly or poor persons.

For an account of the early history of the Chantry please click:

Information on Chantry of St Edmund

To support the first of those two purposes, the Chantry Trust has agreed to the Old Roman Church in GB providing the Chantry Masses.  At the moment, these will take place four times each year, utilising a traditional form of the Mass.

All are welcome to attend

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