The Old Roman Catholic Church

Archbishop Arnold Harris Mathew

Thank you for visiting our website! Please feel free to look around our site to learn more about the Old Roman Catholic Church. The Old Roman Catholic tradition stems from the Church of Utrecht, which was granted semi-autonomy from Rome to elect bishops and control its own internal affairs. In 1910, Archbishop Arnold Harris Mathew established our church, the Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain.

In 1914, the church grew into the United States through the work of Prince Archbishop Rudolph de Landes Berghes. Contact was lost between the two jurisdictions, but in 2013 part of the church re-joined its mother church. The Old Roman Catholic Church comprises of the mother church, the Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain, as well as the Vicariate in America, and the Priestly Society of Mercy.

We are a unique church that is distinctly traditional in essential doctrine and liturgy, yet we express our faith in a compassionate manner. We are not part of the Roman Catholic Church and are our own separate faith tradition. We are striving to be faithful to Our Lord's command in John 17:21 "that they may all be one" while following the axiom that "we take the greatest care to hold that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all." Ours is not a rigid faith, but is welcoming to all people while maintaining our heritage.

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